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Gazprom up for digital revolution
Nov. 27, 2018
Source: World Oil

Gazprom up for digital revolution

Focusing on digital transformation, Gazprom Neft has decided on improving the efficiency of oil business processes through it. The board of directors of the company have reviewed and approved on the use of innovative digital technologies for the same. Gazprom is developing its strategy for the digital transformation of business, the first stage of which is expected to finish by 2022.

Rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
June 17, 2018
Source: Oil Price

Rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution, on the back of Artificial Intelligence, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality, has started to appear on the horizon. A whole new world is under construction and the foundation to this world is Data, being collected from every aspect of our lives. While concerns over data protection has been voiced many times, the new Blockchain Technology has now emerged as a viable compromise.

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