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Shell’s initiative to reduce emission category
Sept. 18, 2018
Source: Energy Voice

Shell’s initiative to reduce emission

Keeping in mind the impact of industry’s emissions on the environment, energy major, Shell informed that it has planned to keep the emissions below 0.2% by 2025. The energy giant has been involved in many initiatives related to the emissions intensity reduction. Currently, the company is deploying new technologies like infrared cameras to scan methane emissions. These programs will reduce the emissions throughout the supply chain.

Shell’s gift to Kwara school of Nigeria category
July 23, 2018

Shell’s gift to Kwara school of Nigeria

In an attempt to spread its social investments across Nigeria and to promote the study of science subjects among secondary school students, Shell’s Nigerian subsidiary, SNEPCo has donated four ultra-modern science labs to Erku Secondary Commercial School in Kwara State. The State Commissioner for Education and Human Capital of Kwara state has made an appeal to the parents and teachers to encourage the students to learn science and technologies.

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