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Montoir sets new records category
Sept. 4, 2018

Montoir sets new records

After 13 LNG carriers stopped at the Montoir LNG import and trans-shipment terminal, it has set new LNG transshipment records in August. The terminal is located in the French Atlantic port of St Nazaire. Also, the first three transhipments were finished in one week which began on 15 August. This year, Montoir has completed 10 LNG transhipments, which is the best in numbers than any other European terminals.

Gazprom’s discussion with Yamalo-Nenets category
July 14, 2018

Gazprom’s discussion with Yamalo-Nenets

Chairman of the Management Committee of PJSC Gazprom recently met with acting Governor of Yamalo-Nenets autonomous area to discuss the key priorities of cooperation. The parties affirmed their commitment towards the continuation of constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation between the company and the regional government. 90% of Gazprom gas is produced from the fields of Yamalo-Nenets, and the area has seen RUB 884.7 billion investment in the last 5 years.

Germany defends Russian Gas Pipeline amidst US sanction warnings category
May 19, 2018
Source: World Oil

Germany defends Russian Gas Pipeline amidst US sanction warnings

As Chancellor Merkel meets President Vladimir Putin in Russia, Germany has decided to defend the planned Nord Stream 2 pipeline amidst warnings from the US to impose sanctions to prevent Russia’s gas export. Germany repeatedly specified that it has no intention to go against Nord Stream 2 provided Ukraine isn’t deprived of a role of a major gas transit country. With that being said, Germany has totally brushed aside U.S. concerns.

For the first time 3 LNG tankers sailed through the Panama category
April 20, 2018
Source: World Oil

For the first time 3 LNG tankers sailed through the Panama

Three liquefied natural gas tankers crossed the Panama Canal and marked a first for the newly expanded waterway. The crossings highlight a buoyant international gas trade owing to new export facilities from the U.S. to Australia and increasing demand for the fuel in Asia. It would increase people’s confidence in U.S.’s ability to place LNG in China.

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